Registration for the 2023 Spring Season is now


Fees for the 2023 Season:​

USA Lacrosse Youth Membership ($30)

As in seasons past a valid U.S. Lacrosse membership which covers insurance for the league is required for participation. The USA Lacrosse Youth membership is valid for 12 months. If you have an existing, valid membership from last season, simply use that number to register. If not, please visit: to confirm, obtain or renew your USA Lacrosse membership!


Please note: Confirmation of a valid USA Lacrosse membership ID is a part of the registration process - you will not be able to register without a valid USA Lacrosse membership ID. Your USA Lacrosse Membership must be valid through May 31, 2023 (the end of the season).

Registration Fee (covers league fees, scheduling fees, referee fees, etc.)

  • D Team (Grades K-2): $60

  • C Team (Grades 3-4): $75

  • A/B Teams (Grades 5-6): $75

Uniform Fees: In order to minimize players costs, we will be using the same jerseys and skirts from last season. If you are a returning player there is no need to purchase a jersey or skirt unless you desire a different size. New players must purchase a jersey and skirt. D Team (Grades K-2) players only need to purchase a jersey (no skirts for Grades K-2).

  • Jersey: $32

  • Skirt: $27

  • Both Jersey and Skirt: $59