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A/B Team (Grades 5 - 6)

The A&B teams continue to build on fundamental instruction offered on the previous grade level teams. Beginning at the 5-6 level, depending on player numbers and skill level, teams may be split into "A" and "B" teams. Generally speaking, experienced players are placed on the “A” team, while those new to the sport play in “B” games. Most players will be assigned to one team or the other. In some cases, players may “swing” between teams from week to week. 

The 5-6 grade team(s) will play up to 10 games against local lacrosse programs.


  • All A/B Team players must have a girls' lacrosse stick, eye protection and a mouth guard! Please ensure that all eye protection is SEI certified. Please check this link to learn more: USA Lacrosse Approved Eyewear List

  • A/B Team players will be required to purchase a jersey and a skirt.

Practice / Games

  • A/B Team players generally practice 2x / week on Tuesday and Friday from 5:30-7:00pm.

  • Practices are held at Christopher South Field (lower field) at Walnut Hills High School

  • A/B Team players generally play 1-2 games each weekend on Saturdays throughout the season

Game Rules

Games are 12 vs. 12 and played on a regulation sized field. Rules are very similar to the high school game. Positions are:

  • 1 Goalie

  • 3 Midfielders

  • 4 Defenders

  • 4 Attacking Players

  • Games at the "A" level allow for modified checking (checking below the waist). There is no checking permitted in "B" games.

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