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C Team (Grades 3 - 4)

The C Team will build on the base on instruction offered in the K-2 program focusing on more in-depth fundamental instruction and tactical awareness on the field. The goal of our program at the 3-4 level is to continue to develop a passion for the sport of lacrosse by focusing on further development of the fundamentals – passing, catching and ground balls. We will also spend time building stick skills with both hands and increasing “Lacrosse IQ” by teaching offense and different defensive strategies.


The 3-4 grade team will play up to 10 games against local lacrosse programs. 


  • All C Team players must have a girls' lacrosse stick, eye protection and a mouth guard! Please ensure that all eye protection is SEI certified. Please check this link to learn more: USA Lacrosse Approved Eyewear List

  • C Team players will be required to purchase a jersey and a skirt.

Practice / Games

  • C Team players generally practice 2x / week on Tuesday and Friday from 5:30-7:00pm.

  • Practices are held at Christopher South Field (lower field) at Walnut Hills High School

  • C Team players generally play 1-2 games each weekend on Saturdays throughout the season

Game Rules

  • Games are 7 vs. 7 (not including the goalie) and played on shortened field. We play with the following positions:

  • 1 Goalie

  • 3 Midfielders

  • 2 Defenders

  • 2 Attacking Players

  • Players will play a variety of positions throughout the season to ensure maximum exposure and understanding of the entire game. Players are not assigned positions at this level.

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